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St Antony's Church-Coimbatore

St. Antony's church is located in Puliakulam area of Coimbatore is most famed Christianity Shrine. Just 4 Km away from the city this church holds a long history. It was during 1820 when the first chapel for Christianity built by Fr. Bechu. Later in 1859 Fr. De Gelis built a permanent chapel in Puliakulam and it was considered as a sub-station of Cathedral Parish until 1900. In 1916 St. Antony's Church was declared as a separate parish and Fr. M.S. Michael as the first parish priest. Series of renovation works and extensions of the Church took place for many years by various Bishops and in 1987 when Fr. M.Guruswamytransformed it into a large Church and Bishop Ambrose consecrated it.Now this holy church stands tall with many facilities that include separate floor for presbytery, religious depot with many articles, open-air shelter and back yard place for pilgrims.

St Antony's Church,