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Dhayanalinga Multi Religious Coimbatore District
Isha Foundation established the Dhyanalinga in the western outskirts of Coimbatore at the shadows of Velliangiri hill ranges. Situated at a distance of 30 Km from the city, it was sanctified by the spiritual leader Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev in 1999. Unlike many traditional temples, Dhyanalinga is a multi religious center irrespective of certain faith, caste and community and only one of the kinds in the world.There are no rites and rituals performed except the science of yoga and meditation.The 13 feet Dhaynalinga made of black granite is enshrined inside an elliptical dome of 76 feet diameter and 33 feet height.Dhynalinga is centered on performing yoga and meditation through which a person can evoke the form of energy that controls our souls to reach spiritual eternity. This isolated spiritual place and its serene environment is a perfect match for practicing meditation and yoga.

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